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Pechuga de Mateo & Cuahutemoc García “Los Hijos de Aquilino”

Pechuga de Mateo & Cuahutemoc García “Los Hijos de Aquilino”

Hijos de Aquilino García

Using a base of Bat-Friendly Espadín, Los Hijos’ Pechuga recipe consists of local fruits, almonds, raisins, chocolate and farm-raised chicken breast which are all added on the second distillation, giving this mezcal a great density and sweet profile with guava and banana notes on the nose, followed by fruit punch on the palate.

What is Bat-Friendly?

Bat-Friendly is a certification created by UNAM recognize Tequila and Mezcal brands that are working to create sustainable methods of production that maintain healthy populations of nectar-feeding bats. These small but incredible creatures are the main pollinators of agave plants, feeding at night on the nectar-rich flowers at the top of the flower stalk (quiote). By allowing some of our plants to flower rather than harvesting them to produce mezcal, we are able to maintain a healthy genetic diversity among agave populations, as the bats cross-pollinate flowers during their feeding process. This project helps us work to maintain a healthy ecosystem, as the bats will also pollinate other flowering plants in the surrounding environment. A healthy bat population is vital to a healthy agave population.

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